FAIL! 10 Awful Real Estate Pictures

Posted by Joel Gwillim on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 at 1:40pm.

If any of these reflect any of your past listings, you might want to fire your Agent!

The best part of these pictures? Most of them are from actual listings in Calgary.

1. The Realtor and home owners didn't want to be in the picture...

2. Just in case you were wondering what the blinds looked like in this Penthouse condo.

3. And the lights on the mirror.

4. Maybe if I take the picture fast enough my arm won't be in the picture?

5. Actually a very well staged property, they just forgot to take away a key garment.

6. Clutter is a selling feature, right? Too bad, because the washer + dryer were likely expensive.

7. Don't worry son, enjoy those cartoons, I'm sure this place will sell ASAP.

8. Mirrors, usually great for design and staging. Here, not so much. #horribleselfie

9. Oh the mirror again! This guy didn't even try to hide. He apparently doesn't enjoy color either.

10. This Realtor decided to take a picture of a picture. What?!

We would love for you to submit your own bad real estate photos and perhaps we could feature them in round 2!

Sellers, always remember, ask for past examples of your Realtor's listings and how they plan on making your home exceed when compared to others. Professional pictures are way too important to forget... so let's leave it to the pros!

Joel Gwillim

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