Installing New Hardwood Flooring

Posted by Joel Gwillim on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 at 10:45am.

Other than paint, flooring may be the easiest way to make the most dramatic improvement to your home! With our redesign projects, we prefer to use real hardwood floors/bamboo or engineered wood floors, but you can use whatever material you prefer and/or fits your budget. Many people are overwhelmed by the thought of and process of tearing out an existing flooring material and installing a new one, however if you use a professional installer and learn what to expect, it can be quite painless. First things first, examine what existing flooring you have , what thickness it is and what you will be able to install. If you’re going to use hardwood, you will want to decide on whether you’re going to go with a nail-down, glue-down, or floating floor system. This may depend on what floor/sub-floor you’re working with. Also, in the case of condos, you will sometimes need permission from the condo board for the material you want to use. Next, decide what material and colour you’re going to go with. This is the big one. You can change paint colours, furniture, even countertops easily, but you only want to do your floor once, and it needs to be done with your overall design theme in mind. There are many products on the market, with many colours and for many applications, so source out reputable vendors and knowledgable people to help you with the process (and don’t forget the underlay). Once you have selected your hardwood you will want it to sit in place it will be installed for a minimum of 3 days to acclimate to the space, before installation. Especially in Calgary, as it is very dry here. Some woods actually mandate a certain humidity in the spaces where they are installed to prevent long term splitting and warping. We highly recommend that you have your floors professionally installed, however we’ll run through the demolition/installation process quickly here. Start by removing all the baseboards in the area where the hardwood will be installed. You will most likely be installing new baseboard (it is very inexpensive) but if not, then be very careful removing the existing ones. Next, remove the hardwood. This is the fun part, the rip’n and tear’n! Once you have cleared the whole space, prepped the floor for the new installation, decided on your layout, start laying out the underlay and install the floor. When you’re done, install the new baseboard tight to the new hardwood, dap it, paint it and voila, you’re done! Brand new hardwood floor, in the colour of your choice, making a true statement in your home!

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Joel Gwillim

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