Could You Live in 500 SQFT?

Posted by Joel Gwillim on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 5:40pm.

Tough question! Most people would immeditely say 'no'. But, looking around the market, there are becoming more and more options around this size. Why? Well, as I address in a previous blog helping out condo dwellers with space issues, to gain entry into certain desirable areas, sometimes you gotta go small! But is small really all that bad? It forces you to purge more often, riding yourself of unused items. It creates a minimalistic lifestyle, one free of the 'stuff' we tend to collect over the years. It also demands smart and stylish design. Finally, it's easier on the wallet! Hey, I'm starting to see a lot of plusses here.  

So let's examine what 500 or even sub 500 sqft looks like these days, from some of the most popular, upcoming condo developments in our inner city:

Guardian II [Beltline] // 441 sqft

6th And Tenth [Beltline] // 449 sqft

Mark on 10th [Beltline] // 452 sqft

Steps [Bridgeland] // 468 sqft

Smith [Beltline] // 498 sqft

Verve [Downtown East Village] // 500 sqft

Park Point [Beltline] // 505 sqft


Let us know what you think or what your favorite floor plans are...

Want another development showcased or more information on how to purchase these great opportunities? Well, that's what we are here for! Contact us directly for your own personal tour through the inner city and let's find your next home or investment property.

Joel Gwillim

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