'Keep Calm and Buy Condos'

Posted by Joel Gwillim on Friday, October 11th, 2013 at 1:50pm.

Yes, we’ve all heard of the various ‘Keep Calm’ commercialization slogans over the past 10 years. And are we getting tired of them? Perhaps, but this is one mantra I used this summer during one of the busiest events in the world in hopes to gain some promotion and have a little fun at the same time. I’ll give you three guesses on what that busy Calgary event was, and two don’t count … Stampede, yes, of course!

Being in sales and devoted to creative marketing, I figured what better occasion to have some fun with it than the good ole Calgary Stampede? I mean, the tally at the gate to the grounds was over one million with a day to go during the 10 day city wide celebration. The motto was this: Keep Calm and Buy Condos, i.e. select a specialist such as myself to walk you through the process for a smooth, easy, and peaceful transaction.

The part where it gets fun is the slogan was plastered on 500+ beverage Koozies. Maybe it’s Cozies? Nonetheless, a Koozie is a foam ‘glove’ sized to fit around a cup or bottle. The goal? To keep your beverage cold and your hand warm. Albeit the majority of people who had one too many of those adult beverages seemed to mix up ‘condos’ with ‘condoms’. Whoops. But hey, during Stampede, that can be just as important a message too!

The main thing I’m getting at is, when you’re thinking about purchasing a condo or considering selling, hire a professional. Not just a standard Realtor, but one that specializes in the area and the type of property you are selling/searching for. A real estate transaction can definitely be a stressful and exhausting time. Do your part and subtract that from the equation by making a smart choice, prior to going out looking at listings or putting up the for sale sign. In turn, I'll make sure you're well taken care of, prepared, educated, and most of all, feeling the comfort and overall excitement like you should in a real estate deal. The crucial things to remember when buying are: location is key, don’t over leverage yourself, choose a reputable building, don’t buy more than you actually need, consider life convenience, and don’t…over…leverage…yourself.

Keep Calm and Buy And Sell Real Estate With Ease by Hiring a Specialist, would be an accurate slogan, but hey, I doubt that would fit on the Koozie very well.

Relax, I've got you covered,

Joel Gwillim

THE Condo Specialist

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