Best and Easiest Ways to Prepare Your Home For Sale

Posted by Joel Gwillim on Monday, March 4th, 2013 at 2:40pm.

Pssst, so with spring cleaning season right around the corner, do want to know the big secret on how to get your home not only noticed, but sold quickly?

Are you sitting down? This could blow your mind for how…simple it is. Yet I witness so many sellers bypass, avoid or evade it for some reason...I'm here to say make it a priority. My top three ways to effectively and most importantly, inexpensively prepare your home for the active market are:

a ] clean

b ] organize

c ] de-clutter

Yup, it’s essentially that effortless. Well albeit these are a few tasks that some people despise or “can never seem to find the time for”, they are definitely the most important in showcasing Real Estate. Have you ever heard of the power of a first impression? How you only ever get one? How you or something tangible is judged almost immediately? It's no different when selling a property. A buyer’s first impression on a home is almost as important as the interior pictures that got them situated on the sidewalk in the first place.

Clean, organize and de-clutter your space prior to pictures and showings. Sounds easy right? Sometimes. If this is not your forte, then consult or hire someone that knows their stuff. It could be a friend, family member, neighbor or even a paid professional. Basically someone that knows different facets of design, creative storage options, feng shui, staging, furniture arranging, color coordinating, etc.

Here are some initial tips to get you rolling!

Clean – dust, mop, wipe continuously when your home is on the market, we want that show suite feel 24/7 even if it drives you mad…and it will! But it will pay off and the more you keep on it, the less time your property will be available on the market.

Organize – consolidate, put 'stuff' away, do the dishes, cabinets, drawers and closets arranged nicely, books, dvds arranged, stored & alphabetical. Oh, is that just me then?

De-Clutter – make the beds, remove unnecessary items from the kitchen counters, and actually remove items from closets to create a sense of space. Weird I know, buyers assume they have more ‘stuff’ than you, so if your stuff barely fits, they think theirs won’t.

Have a little extra time and/or cash? Then paint is your best friend. Focus on touching up problematic or high traffic areas [corners, walls by furniture, baseboards, etc] or if need be, repainting a dramatic wall to neutralize a typical buyer’s reaction. Paint can go a long way in maximizing value, so if you’re the meticulous and perfectionist type, this is a great option in securing abundant salability.  

Good luck and happy property prepping!

Want a certain seller/buyer topic discussed, well don't be shy and let us know.

Joel Gwillim

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