Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Condo

Posted by Joel Gwillim on Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 12:20pm.


In no particular order, as some might be more or equally important to you situation:

DE-CLUTTER // First and foremost. Creating the illusion of more space is a magical thing. An impression of a cluttered, messy space is certainly not. An open, inviting space is will be more accepted than a messy, bogged down one. Put "stuff" away. This includes everything from remote controls, to laundry, to dishes, to movies/video games. Also, some people think they can just toss everything into their closets as a quick fix. Nope! If it seems like your closets are jam packed and ready to explode, the potential buyer will come up with an image of their belongings not fitting either. The main word would be purge. If you haven’t worn it in a year, you don’t need it.

DE-PERSONALIZE // Yes, everyone is impressed with your gleaming certificates plastered all over the walls, but when you’re trying to sell, lose them. This goes for personal/ family pictures and such too. Potential buyers are already trying to get in the picture mindset of living there, so try and make it as easy as possible for this to occur. Slowly comb through your property and try to eliminate anything that is overly characteristic or personal.

AROMA // I’m sure you’ve read loads of articles & tips about baking cookies before an open house or showing. But hey, let’s not overdo it too much. Granted fresh cookies and fabreeze does smell better than an avoided bathroom and four day old dishes, but we don’t the smell to be too overpowering upon entering. Remember, there are people with allergies to potent smells. Consider investing in a couple of soft tone glade plug-ins or candles. A nice, soothing, calm and continuous aroma will ease the minds of buyers and assist them in making a wise purchase.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS // I figured I would follow aroma with this category. A great first impression is crucial in captivating a buyer’s interest. From a large reflective mirror, to a stunning piece of art, to a simple and open clear sight line of the suite and/or its view, use what you can to create a quick wow factor. Think of where your eyes would shift upon entrance. Work on overselling the first impression and the buyers will be craving the full, interrupted tour.

STAGING // If you’re sitting on a vacant property, staging is something to think about. There is nothing more bland and unappealing than a lonely, vacant condo. Consider hiring a design and staging consultant. Remember, staging creates a lifestyle and existence that buyers crave and ultimately desire. For a fairly affordable monthly cost you could have an exquisite looking suite and really push for a quick sale or multiple offer situation. Compare that to a vacant property and your carrying costs for two to three months. Staged suites do statistically sell faster than vacant suites so ensure you check out your options, especially if the sale is time sensitive.

COLOR + TONES // Tone down the color. Eliminate any strong, dark or personalized walls. You might like the bright red feature wall in the living area, but it will scare away your buyers. Dark colors actually squeeze the visibility out of the space and make it appear smaller. The key word is neutral. If you have to hire someone to come in and repaint the majority of your space, it will be worth it. Try a cool, modern and refreshing color to liven up the area but consider how it will look with your accessories, art, etc. Don't go out and break the bank finding something that you adore, as the new buyer might have plans to paint over it again once they move in. Be resourceful yet practical.

AMBIANCE // Create an atmosphere that revolves around your target market. Plug in the calming water fountain, flick on the fireplace and hit play on the stereo. Remember who you are trying to sell to though. For a stylish, urban condo set the mood with some upbeat house music. For a quaint, large space utilize the fireplace as a relaxing focal point. Use your discretion and channel the energy of the space intelligently. Generate a fitting mood and everyone will feel pleasant and at home while viewing.

FOOD + TREATS // Want people to stick around for longer? Graciously leave a snack tray or some sort of offering for the individual(s) interested in your home. Bottled water is a great touch and a personal favorite. They might see 3-5 properties that day, but that water should last for a while, and they will remember that it was from you! Cookies, mints, gum, wrapped chocolate, etc. Anything along these lines is a nice, thoughtful touch. Really want the wow factor? Get creative and consider something like a catered open house!

SANS SMOKE + PETS // This category may not apply to everyone, but it is tremendously important to certain households. If you smoke, take it outside...and not lean out the window type outside, all the way. Smoke is something that ultimately lives in your walls and will constantly be lurking around. Buyers definitely do not want this. Buyers want to think this home is their fresh start, not a second hand ashtray. If possible, pets should be removed for showings and always for open houses. As buyers, the last thing we want to see are stains on the carpet, pet hair, and/or a big litter box staring back at us. Your pet is a member of the family...remove them for showings and certainly clean up after them. The main thing here is that you do not want a questionable issue in the back of the buyer’s minds on decision day.

FENG SHUI // An intriguing ancient Chinese art form developed many years ago. Feng Shui is a knowledge which reveals how to balance energies in a space to bring health, positivity and good fortune for the individuals living there. There are nine quadrants that define different areas in your home and life. If you’re looking for more money, work on your prosperity corner. If you’re looking to improve your relationships then work on altering that corner. The list goes on. By accepting Feng Shui into your life at home, you will create a natural flow and energy into any space. Ever had a good or bad feeling upon entering a property? This may be why! Even if you’re not selling, try different aspects of Fung Shui in your personal life, the results could surprise you!

The main thing is adhere to what you think fits your selling situation. Another tip as a seller, that should be obvious, is leave! Yes, do not be present when your property is being shown or an open house is taking place. Buyers will feel awkward with you the seller there and sometimes feel as if they’re imposing and will not want to take the full tour.

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