Selling Your House and the Dating Scene: The Eerie Similarities

Posted by Joel Gwillim on Monday, June 17th, 2013 at 8:50am.

What an interesting comparison, I thought so too! Let’s go through some of the humorous parallels on selling your home and dating…

The first viewing // The first date

The property is live, looks good and you anxiously await the first call from your Realtor that you have someone interested in a private viewing. You get the call, the butterflies commence, and you think “ok, is everything clean, is everything put away that needs to be, does everything look and smell good?!” Check! Let’s vacate and hope they like what they see!

You’re single, confident and on the market. You meet someone, they show interest and you exchange numbers. You get the call, the butterflies begin, and you think “ok what should I wear, does everything look good with the ensemble, how’s the hair, and hey maybe an extra squirt of perfume/cologne wouldn’t hurt right?!” Check! Let’s head to the arranged spot for the certain time and hope they like what they see!

The feedback // The follow-up

Well, the place looked great! They have to be interested! I mean everything is neat, tidy, clean, cut, and organized, it has to be their dream house…what? Our Realtor says that the house wasn’t for them, they’re moving on. What didn’t they like? There was so much time spent on the prep work and everything was so perfect. I don’t get it…well, on to the next showing I guess.

Well, the dated seemed to go off without a hitch! They have to be interested!  I mean, I wore my favorite attire, went to the gym all week leading up, spritzed with my go to scent, I’m sure that they’ll call again….what? Nothing? It’s been a couple days, they don’t like me? I gave it my all on that date too! Why won’t they say what they didn’t like? I don’t get it…well, on to the sympathetic serving of ice cream and we’ll wait for the next one I guess.

More showings, no offers // More dates, no commitment

A week goes by, and another week, more interested buyers come to view the house but no one wants to bite on it. There’s still the constant prep work that goes in: cleaning, de-cluttering, landscaping and so on. Yet no offers, what gives? Who wouldn’t want this ideal house?

A few weeks go by and a few dates go into the agenda and history books. No call backs. No interest to move things further into something serious. There’s still the constant prep work to get ready for each date: showering, smelling good, hitting the gym to be that certain ‘catch’ to someone and yes, even some landscaping is required too! Yet still no one wants to take the plunge and commit to you completely? What gives, who wouldn’t want to tie this down?

Lowering the price // Lowering your standards

Well the time has come. I guess if no one wants my house it MUST be the price, right? I mean, we’ve done all we can to showcase this place to the nines and still nothing. A sense of desperation sets in and then reality hits, I suppose it’s time to drop the asking price then see who is interested.

Well the time has come. I guess if no one wants to date me it must mean that my standards are too high, right? I want to date a 10 but right now I might even settle for a 7, or even lower depending on my beverage tolerance. A sense of desperation sets in and then reality hits, I suppose it’s time to sink a bit lower into the dating pool and see if we can wrangle up any interest.

The Sale // The Commitment

Well, these two are fairly obvious and probably the end goal for most common people. We could dip into the taking the property/yourself off the market but there’s not much fun discussing that topic!

I think the main thing in life is patience. The persistence to wait on what is deserved yet tolerance for accepting what cards get dealt to you. I believe there is always the right person for a certain house and the right person for a certain someone. There just seems to be a different route to the destination with every unique individual.

We’re not much for dating or love advice, but hey if you want advice on selling or preparing your home for sale then you’ve come to the right place! Message us for details on how to get the most cash out of your abode.

To your success in every facet of life,

Joel Gwillim

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