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What's Better, a One or Two Bedroom Condo?

Monday, February 25th, 2013 at 1:30pm. 2,899 Views, 0 Comments.

A question I frequently get from buyers, friends, investors is “should I buy a one or two bedroom condo?”

My answer generally is, if you can afford a two bedroom, go for it! But try not to sacrifice location on doing so. Your location plays a big factor into value, salability and future rental income potential. There will be times where a one bedroom unit will rent or sell better than a two bedroom unit in a different location. All long term factors should be considered. [how long you plan to stay there, whether you plan on using the unit as a rental, etc]

A two bedroom condo will definitely give you more options. If you want a spare room for guests/family, like to have a home office, require extra storage, or want to rent out the room as a

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Choosing a Color Palette

Monday, February 18th, 2013 at 6:30pm. 2,711 Views, 0 Comments.

A lot of people ask about color schemes, how we come up with them and the reason behind the choices. Coming from a resale real estate background, I think the word most synonymous with color success is neutral. Soft toned, neutral palettes typically tend to sell better and are usually more appealing to the eye. We’ve all been told not to go off the deep end when painting, choosing flooring, tile, countertops, etc., which is completely accurate when worrying about the cosmetics for resale down the road. But what if we’re thinking long term, like a “I want this house to feel like me, with my style and my touch” scenario? Is it ok to go a little bold and courageous? Yes and no. I know a lot of individuals that are over dramatic or bright with their

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5 Unique Things to Remember When Purchasing a Condo

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 at 10:20am. 3,219 Views, 0 Comments.

Now we all should know the standard items to look into from viewing my “Condo Purchase Checklist”, but here are 5 things you may overlook or easily forget when viewing...

STORAGE // Does the suite come with a locker? Is the locker titled or assigned? If so, make sure you measure the locker as you want it to be essential for seasonal items – ie. bike, skis, snow board, hockey gear, baseball equipment, Christmas tree – the list can go on and on especially in a city like Calgary because of the accessibility of amenities. Is there a storage space in the unit for linens and such? Storage becomes a big issue once you move in so make sure there is enough for you to feel comfortable, or else you will have to set aside a weekend of purging!


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Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Condo

Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 12:20pm. 4,497 Views, 0 Comments.


In no particular order, as some might be more or equally important to you situation:

DE-CLUTTER // First and foremost. Creating the illusion of more space is a magical thing. An impression of a cluttered, messy space is certainly not. An open, inviting space is will be more accepted than a messy, bogged down one. Put "stuff" away. This includes everything from remote controls, to laundry, to dishes, to movies/video games. Also, some people think they can just toss everything into their closets as a quick fix. Nope! If it seems like your closets are jam packed and ready to explode, the potential buyer will come up with an image of their belongings not fitting either. The main word would be purge. If you

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The Condo Purchase Checklist

Monday, January 21st, 2013 at 12:50pm. 4,356 Views, 0 Comments.

The Big Kahuna, The Bible of Condo Buying, The list you should get to know before purchasing a condo in Calgary, or anywhere else for that matter.

The process of purchasing a condominium is quite different than purchasing a single family home. There are many things to consider with your Calgary condo purchase and I will try and outline most of the more important ones below in no particular order:

CONDO DOCUMENTS  // You should have your condo document binder/package reviewed by a condominium document review specialist. Their thorough review will give you a full outline of what is going on currently and possibly what to look for in the future.

CURB APPEAL  // Are you comfortable with the appearance of the building, both inside and out? You will not

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Installing New Hardwood Flooring

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 at 10:45am. 3,010 Views, 0 Comments.

Other than paint, flooring may be the easiest way to make the most dramatic improvement to your home! With our redesign projects, we prefer to use real hardwood floors/bamboo or engineered wood floors, but you can use whatever material you prefer and/or fits your budget. Many people are overwhelmed by the thought of and process of tearing out an existing flooring material and installing a new one, however if you use a professional installer and learn what to expect, it can be quite painless. First things first, examine what existing flooring you have , what thickness it is and what you will be able to install. If you’re going to use hardwood, you will want to decide on whether you’re going to go with a nail-down, glue-down, or floating floor system.

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The New and Improved Calgary Condo Living Website

Friday, December 28th, 2012 at 12:40pm. 2,198 Views, 0 Comments.

Well, after years of success and sales in the Calgary market, I've decided to amp things up a bit! I've partnered with the leading Real Estate website company in North America to hammer out a new, improved and fully functional website based around condo listings, sales, featured buildings, and buying + selling tips. As the condo specialist and boasting years of knowledge and experience, I will strive to be the resource to help you the client/consumer with anything that arises during your venture in Real Estate. I will promise to keep this blog fresh, interesting, meaty, opinionated, knowledgeable and hey, maybe even a little controversial. The truth is what clients expect and respect, even though sometimes it is not the best thing they want to hear.

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