The DO NOT's of Selling Real Estate

Posted by Joel Gwillim on Friday, March 21st, 2014 at 2:35pm.

A few months back I posted the DO NOT's of buying Real Estate, so I figured it's time to aid and come to the rescue of those selling! Selling a home can be a stressful time. Let's ease that tension and get you going on the right path by knowing the wrongs. Here are a few tips on what not to do, when selling real estate:

- Don't make it hard for buyers to access your property. Clean, shovel snow, and are you saying no to a lot of showings?

- Don't make a hard sell on your very own property. When a prospective buyer has an appointment, leave! Don't make an awkward situation for them.

- Don't think the 'waiting until Spring' moto is always best. Do you really want all that competition? Consider times when inventory levels are down.

- Don't forget to market your home in everyway possible. Professional photography, floor plans, summer/green pictures, area information...the list goes on!

- Don't go overboard with renovations without thinking about resale. Certain renovations can be too personal. Is the new buyer going to like your pick of fancy or potentially pricey upgrades?

- Don't think that being a FSBO [For Sale By Owner] is an easy task. I don't know why anyone would put themself through this. Want to navigate through the stress and legally binding contracts on your own? Alright.

- Don't do major alterations right before listing your property. A lot of the time the buyer won't see the need or value for some changes, and therefore won't pay for them.

- Don't set your asking price too high. Don't get caught in the depressing downward spriral of price reductions just because you wanted to 'test the market' at said price - be realistic.

- Don't overlook staging or showcasing your property properly. That money invested will come back in either a quicker closing or a higher sale price.

- Don't show your home 'as-is'. Always keep it show worthy, presentable, and ready to go in case someone wants in ASAP.

- Don't just settle on any Agent. Hire someone familiar with the property you are selling and the demographic to which will be purchasing. Simple as that.

Preparation, cleaning, timing, market research - all important aspects of selling a property. Let's sell your biggest asset with confidence and pride! Showcase all the beautiful aspects of that house and make it stand out.

Committed to your successful and stress free sale,

Joel Gwillim

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