Marketing can be simple, it can be complex or it can be fun.

We generally choose fun - but above all, memorable. When you are trying to capture a property, it's important to think 'who might be the target buyer for this space?' and work from there. Additionally, if you are marketing via video, it's equally important to provide a piece that captivates, keeps retention, has staying power and is of course, shareable. 

Any time that we are hired for a higher end listing, the creative juices start to flow and the internal gears get going! 

With this sub-penthouse condo at Arriva, there was an opportunity to do something special. I mean this unit has access to a private elevator that opens up right into the space - how cool is that?! No tag along…

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In life, we always have to be looking for opportunity. 

If you don't think that hyperinflation, rising interest rates, and overall emotional uncertainty is going to have an impact on the real estate market in the coming years, then you need to give your head a shake. Warren Buffett says that it is wise for investors to be “fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” 

Everyone always tells me, I'm going to act when the market is down, or I want to jump on deals when times are slow. As humans, the trouble is the social impact of tough markets. The negative news [as usual], the anxiety of being in the reds with an asset and the stress of dealing with friends/family and their opinions. Generally in good markets, everyone is…

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I've lived in Calgary for almost 20 years now. Since then I've amassed a great love [and understanding] of our city. 

As a newer resident, perhaps like yourself, what better way to get to know the city with a series of 5 questions that can commonly come up in conversation. Let's dive in:

Why is Calgary called YYC?
Calgary is referred to as YYC as that is actually what the airport code is. So when you're flying to YYC, you're heading to Calgary! When our country started assigning three letter codes to airports, very few foreign airports began with “Y”, so Canada put a “Y” in front of each nearby train station code to create the airport code and to differentiate it from U.S. airports. A lot of local businesses have even utilized YYC in…

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Now you might be asking yourself - what is virtual staging?

And fair enough, virtual [or digital] staging has been around for a while BUT it's only really been impressive or impactful for say the last 5 years. Before that a lot of the images looked a little rough. Think 'cut, copy + paste' on the good old paint program on your computer. You looked, you chuckled, but you appreciated the person's effort to 'fill' the space with some personality. Nowadays though, when done right, virtual staging can deceive the eye to really make you look twice - is this real furniture in the space? Or digitally enhanced pieces?

But virtual staging is the art of photographing an empty property and then digitally inserting faux furniture precisely into the space. The…

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How to start the process of downsizing your home:
Baby boomers, beloved seniors - this one's for you! I know this is a topic or task that most like to avoid, put off and procrastinate. I'm here to help make it easier on you with some tips on tackling the [likely] copious amounts of 'stuff' you accumulated over the years. 
  • Start small. I'd suggest 5-10 minutes a day to create momentum. Once you build it in as a routine and start to see results, it will encourage you to keep going. 
  • Hire a professional. Yes, there are individuals out there that specialize in downsizing. Utilize their talents and experience and know that their job is to assist you in this big life transition. 
  • Ask for help from your family. Regardless if they show it…

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In 1985, Prince serenaded us with his hit 'Raspberry Beret' - a song so catchy that I still have troubles turning the radio dial when it comes on. Fast forward nearly 40 years [wow] and Benjamin Moore is calling their 'Raspberry Blush' the colour of the year for 2023. Apparently it's a vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink and enlivens the senses with an electric optimism. I love a great, descriptive marketing line. 

It's important to remember that unique, bold or designer colour choices can be subjective. I wouldn't exactly race out of the house to go pick up a couple of cans and start slapping them on the walls right now to ensure your home sells quickly in the coming months. The majority of the shades even listed in the 'Colour Trends for…

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