Condos in Calgary are getting more functional, fashionable and modern. People’s lives are becoming more minimalistic. However, construction costs and price of homes tend to rise with time. So what does this mean? Small, boutique style condos are becoming popular due to their affordability.

Upcoming Calgary condo developments seem to be introducing smaller floor plans to appeal to individuals looking to enter the market sooner. Here are a few examples of condo designers making the most of out of a small situation:

STEPS [Bridgeland] units start at 344 sqft [nope, not a misprint]

Drake [Connaught] units start at 398 sqft

6th And Tenth [Connaught] units start at 449 sqft

Mark on 10th [Connaught] units start at 452 sqft

To answer your question: yes, these plans are selling, and selling quickly. Why? There is always pent up demand for affordable, stylish downtown condo units. Add to the fact that they are actually well thought out, usable spaces too. Smart investment minded buyers like to get their feet wet at entry level, inexpensive price points.

On the fence about a small condo? No problem, we got you!

1 // Be Savvy With Storage

Smart storage is always key with the presentation of any home. In a smaller space, it’s even that more vital. Use wall space effectively. Storing everyday items neatly creates purpose for your space. Whether it's a make shift home office, installing shelves in odd corners, or using areas all the way up to the ceiling, make sure you're being creative with storage space.

2 // Stylish and Shapely

Wouldn't it be ideal if we could all fit a ten-seater dining table into our homes? Reality and the wallet usually say otherwise. Opt for a stylish round table. Depending on it's size it will fit 2-4 guests nicely and sometimes even be able to tuck in 6 if needed. It's a space saving alternative to a bulky traditional square or rectangle and it can slide neatly into a corner when not being used. Shapes and sizes of furniture and accessories are essential. Don't purchase something that will completely take over or dominate a space. Remember, it's about equality throughout.

3 // A Roaming Eye is a Happy Eye

Glass, acrylic and lucite should all be highly considered when decorating for a small space. Not only do they fit with a variety of styles, but they let the eye travel through their clear and reflective surfaces. The above picture is a unit from Battistella's 'Chocolate' condo in Victoria Park. The owner used a nice, soft colored sectional and combined it with a glass coffee table to equalize the contrast of sizes. Well done. Maybe why the unit sold in a day too.

4 // Multi-Functional Spaces For the Win

When space is tight, it's important to create areas that are multi-functional. Take this kitchen for example. It uses a prep station as a double for a eating bar and also has a sitting area off to the side too. We're all about maximizing spaces nowadays, and this should be highly considered when planning your layout.

5 // Reflections of a Big Space

Now ladies, mirrors have more use than for a quick selife. They can drastically help open up a small space by creating an illusion of doubling the size of the room. A mirrored wall, overly dramatic piece or a collage of small stylish mirrors assist in visually expanding any area. If you're space is under 500 sqft, set aside some cash for a mirror and figure out where it's needed most.

6 // Use Every Nook

A small condo allows for no wasted space, so be sure to make good use of every corner. For loft style living, it is imperetive to make use of every inch of the storage below the stairs. Anywhere there seems to be a 'dead space' get out the ole thinking cap and figure out how you can maximize it's potential and utilize the options.

7 // Acquaint The Space Lightly

Nothing sucks the life and size out of a space than a dark, drab paint color. Always remember, when dealing with a small space, light and airy colors are your best friends. Don't get carried away with crazy colors just because you have a small area. Whites, creams, and fresh spring colors help create a visual calm and make sense in a functional space.

Need any more tips or ideas on how to makeover or prepare your condo? Or want to get started looking for some sexy new urban condos? Well don't be shy and contact us today!

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