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Marketing can be simple, it can be complex or it can be fun.

We generally choose fun - but above all, memorable. When you are trying to capture a property, it's important to think 'who might be the target buyer for this space?' and work from there. Additionally, if you are marketing via video, it's equally important to provide a piece that captivates, keeps retention, has staying power and is of course, shareable. 

Any time that we are hired for a higher end listing, the creative juices start to flow and the internal gears get going! 

With this sub-penthouse condo at Arriva, there was an opportunity to do something special. I mean this unit has access to a private elevator that opens up right into the space - how cool is that?! No tag along…

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Goodbye 2022! 

As we approach the holiday season, it's a good time to reflect on the year that was. A ferocious January lead us directly into a hot seller's market. Almost zero supply and very tempting interest rates created a situation that we haven't experienced in many years. Working with buyers seemed like a complete guessing game frenzy and representing sellers was certainly a job for the qualified. Fast forward to December and here we sit - a calmer, more manageable market looks to be what we are closing out the year with. Not nearly as many multiple offers and more opportunities to fetch a deal but alas, our inventory still remains at a surprising sub 2 number across the board. Yes, the bank has raised its benchmark rate six times since…

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The current conditions are setting up for a competitive spring. After what was one of Alberta's strongest Novembers on record for sales, we are heading into December with the lowest inventory levels in November since 2005! The migration into Alberta continues as the population has grown to 4,543,111 which is just about 100,000 more people since the third quarter of 2021. This is putting pressure on the rental market with inventory levels well below the same time as last year, and rent prices climbing as a result. The affordability of housing compared to other major cities in Canada, along with the opportunity for jobs is continuing to keep our Province as a major draw for people to move to. Looking back at sales in Alberta over the top…

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2022 Q4 Calgary rent prices and how they compare to the rest of Canada

Depending on what site you visit or what statistician you reference, Calgary rent prices have gone up between 25-30% in the last calendar year.  For an average apartment condo, Calgary sits 15th on the list [tied with Montreal] when you compare across Canada. Vancouver then Toronto coming in 1-2, of course.  When looking at the 14 other cities ahead of Calgary, I'd still choose YYC over a lot of them from a lifestyle perspective. But that's just me.  Now if you're wondering how much rent can be increased at a time?  Landlords cannot increase the rent payable by a tenant under a fixed term or periodic tenancy agreement until a minimum of one year (365 days) has…

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As anticipated there was a slight increase week over week in the showing activity across the province. Based on the trends over the past couple of years, we can expect this activity to maintain or slightly improve until the end of the month.

The sales activity in the province through the first two weeks of November have equated to the third best start to November in the past ten years. The Alberta market still remains very busy with a slight deceleration. 

For CIR Realty's listings, we are seeing an above average number of showings in the properties listed below $300,000, and above $600,000. The properties in the mid range between $300,000 - $600,000 saw a decline in activity. Our brokerage has also had the third best start to November sales in company…

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And we're back with another month end review!

Stats from March 2015 show that days on market has increased, but sales are up 46%, prices are up 2.5% and we have an overall more active market when compared to the first couple months of the year.

The ever so talked about whirlwind 2015 Calgary market continues as we head into the spring months where I estimate we will see some solid sales numbers  and energetic activity with the amazing lending rates.

Calgary Real Estate Infographic
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