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Marketing can be simple, it can be complex or it can be fun.

We generally choose fun - but above all, memorable. When you are trying to capture a property, it's important to think 'who might be the target buyer for this space?' and work from there. Additionally, if you are marketing via video, it's equally important to provide a piece that captivates, keeps retention, has staying power and is of course, shareable. 

Any time that we are hired for a higher end listing, the creative juices start to flow and the internal gears get going! 

With this sub-penthouse condo at Arriva, there was an opportunity to do something special. I mean this unit has access to a private elevator that opens up right into the space - how cool is that?! No tag along…

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A two year GUARANTEE on rental rates? You betcha! Investors: feast your eyes on this opportunity. It's not too often you get offered a guarantee in life, let alone in the real estate world! This is your chance to pick up a unit [or two] in a high-end concrete tower well located in Calgary's east side Betline, Victoria Park area.

This is a ONE DAY sales event in which the developer will provide an addemdum to the purchase contracts, offering a guaranteed rental rate on a select number of available floor plans.

Saturday, October 24th commencing at 12pm.

To attend you will need to RSVP by clicking on this link and submitting your information in the form below.

The Orchard, by Lamb Developments, will be a stunningly unique project boasting an…

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And we're back with another month end review!

Stats from March 2015 show that days on market has increased, but sales are up 46%, prices are up 2.5% and we have an overall more active market when compared to the first couple months of the year.

The ever so talked about whirlwind 2015 Calgary market continues as we head into the spring months where I estimate we will see some solid sales numbers  and energetic activity with the amazing lending rates.

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Looks like the media's scary reports aren't pushing Calgary sellers to hit the panic button quite yet...which is a great - avoid the emotional, drastic decision and hang tight. We'll be ok in the long run!

February 2015 stats show that things have definitely cooled off, but sales are up from January and listings are down overall.

Beautiful! A levelling market isn't a bad thing at all. With the incredible, record low lending rates out there, I think we could still see some solid numbers as we head into spring.

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If any of these reflect any of your past listings, you might want to fire your Agent!

The best part of these pictures? Most of them are from actual listings in Calgary.

1. The Realtor and home owners didn't want to be in the picture...

2. Just in case you were wondering what the blinds looked like in this Penthouse condo.

3. And the lights on the mirror.

4. Maybe if I take the picture fast enough my arm won't be in the picture?

5. Actually a very well staged property, they just forgot to take away a key garment.

6. Clutter is a selling feature, right? Too bad, because the washer + dryer were likely expensive.

7. Don't worry son, enjoy those cartoons, I'm sure this place will sell ASAP.

8. Mirrors,…

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Don't like waiting in lines? Yah, we don't either. Introducing Park Point to Calgary for the first time!

Qualex-Landmark's next Betline condo project is one of Calgary's most anticipated in years. With it's borders of Central Memorial Park and ever growing 10th Avenue, Park Point is proving to be situated in the heartbeat of our city.

Here is your chance to secure a condo unit, and surely great investment, in this sought after tower! We are offering an exclusive VIP purchase event from February 15th to February 17th where you will be able to sign up and reserve the unit of your choice! And wait, there might even be a VIP, early bird discount offered on prices during these days. More reason not to miss out!

For more information and to arrange…

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